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We built our demonstrators to provide easy access to our technology to inform, inspire and excite brands to create new product interfaces. Cost effective and streamlined, TG0 has developed a sensing method using everyday polymers that can be easily adapted to any automotive, healthcare and consumer electronics products.

Automotive HMI

Demonstration Library

Simple to use unified TG0 demonstration library compromising of a set of most commonly requested interactions. Suitable for customers in automotive, gaming, consumer electronics.

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Gaming and Virtual Reality

Grip and Finger sensing controllers

One of a kind touch and pressure sensing, five finger controller. Compatible with SteamVR. Comes with SDKs for Unity, Python, C++ to offer wide range of compatibility and development opportunities.

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Pressure Mapping Mat

Floor mounted pressure mat is an entry point into pressure mapping across a wide range of use cases. Can be easily modified and adapted into several other use cases like seating, medical and in-home fitness.

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About TG0 Technology

  • Capacitive Sensing

    More freedom. More human-like interactions.

    Fewer electronic connections. Less complexity.  Re-inventing and setting the industry standard for how tactile sensors & interactions between human and machines feel and behave.

  • Pressure Mapping

    Enhance user research and product design

    Use pressure mapping to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and create customised user experiences.

  • Deformation Sensing

    Press. Pull. Twist. Deform.

    Capacitive touch and force sensors with complete freedom of design of smart 3D shaped interactions & controllers

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