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HMI Demonstration Library

HMI Demonstration Library

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With 8 interactions, different formats, types, resolutions and response rates, the demoset is a demonstration library showing what is possible with the TG0 technology.

Use this collection of interactions to test, experience and ask questions about our technology as you prepare to deploy it into your next product or sensor device.

The Demonstration Library comes with everything you need to successfully complete your exploration. The included software development kit and user interfaces allows you to instantly see the interactions as they happen and adjust the sensor sensitivity to your needs.

What you get?

  • Demoset hardware set
  • USB C cable
  • Protective packaging
  • API access

Product features

  • Press Button: Touch and pressure-sensitive button with integrated LED
  • Multi-slide: Textured 10-finger multi-touch sliding bar with LED illumination
  • Smart Key: Push button with up/down/left/right swipe gesture navigation
  • Precision Dial: Seamless rotary dial with push/pull/rotate/tilt motion controls
  • Spin Donut: Ergonomic radial slider centred around a through-hole
  • Soft Touchpad: Deformable trackpad with localised 3 level pressure detection
  • Push/Pull Tab: Seamless 2-level push and pull control
  • Twist Control: 3D high precision analogue twist/tilt deformation control

Product specifications


  • Size: 390 x 130 x 15mm (45mm at controllers)
  • Aspect materials: TPU, PC, ABS
  • Sensing materials: TPU, ABS (conductive)
  • Connectors: USB C Power/ Data (cable included)
  • User Interface: Stand alone LED and haptic indication, PC-based UI


  • Interface: Windows PC PyQT Application: (Windows PC required)
  • Protocol: Static and gestural Data accessible via ZMQ
  • API: Raw data and visual representation of position, pressure and gestures

CMF Options

  • Tint Black 
  • Space Grey


  • Customization and integration service available
  • Please contact us for details
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