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Smart Pressure Sensing Insole

Smart Pressure Sensing Insole

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The TG0 Smart Pressure Sensing Insole is a great example of TG0 pressure mapping technology applied to a fitness use case. Its light-weight, bendable and water-proof nature make it a perfect for a smart wearable application. With machine-learning software integrated the product kit is designed to help you test movement, posture and activities tracking. The TG0 Insole implementation also provides significant cost-reduction compared to other sensor-embedded systems insoles thanks to TG0’s polymer-based sensor solution.

What you get?

  • A pair of pressure-mapping insoles
  • BLE wireless communication dongle
  • PC-based UI software program

Product Features

  • Real-time Heatmap , resolution 2.5 x 2.5 mm (width ~90mm / signal range 0~40pts) 
  • COP (centre of pressure)  
  • Balance and stability feedback
  • Body alignment
  • Stand - walk - run activity tracking
  • Gait analysis
  • Pronation
  • Step count
  • Exercise repetition count

Product specifications

  • Size: EU 42 / UK 8 / US 9 / JP26.5 (foot length 265 mm / 10.4 in)
  • Aspect materials: Fabric (Aspect material), Conductive EVA foam (Sensor material), EVA foam (Structural material)
  • Sensing materials: Conductive EVA
  • Power supply : 3.7V Li-po battery Rechargeable 


  • Interface: Windows  PC PyQT Application: (Windows PC required)
  • API: Sensing XYZ data, COP (centre of pressure), balance; gait analysis, step count


  • Customization and integration service available
  • Contact us for further details
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